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The aim of this Internet magazine share, contribute  your ideas e.g. Photographs, stories and poems to bring people together.

The overall aim of this Internet magazine is to share a variety of the good things of life together. That's why I only deal in wholesome material that can be seen by everyone, any age.  For that reason, there will not be any adult content.

I aim to be as varied as possible.  Here are few ideas/categories that will be included in the magazine:  Poems; Pictures; Stories; Jokes;  Ideas;  Helpful Hints and Tips…in fact anything interesting or entertaining .  Please note that this is not an exhaustive or fixed list….and I am open to your suggestions.   YOUR contributions are all important.  

While you are visiting this website, perhaps you would like to try out the Tariff Calculator.  It is completely free and independent of all utility companies.  It will help you to calculate and compare your overall fuel usage.  Here, you can use your previous meter readings and charges as a benchmark to plan a future with the utilities.

If you find this tariff calculator helpful , your feedback would be greatly  appreciated by using the Contact Page to make a comment or contribution as listed above…… or any of your own ideas.

If you find this tariff calculator helpful. Which is free. But if like to show your Appreciation by the sending pomes, pictures, stores, jokes, helpful hints & tips. The list on & on.or click on an add, to help with the running cost. Better still both. I thank you much.