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 Daily economy 7 tariff

 day charge tariffs

3. Basic information tab. set the dates on the left hand side, the old date you require.  By clicking on drop down box.  Day, month and year (the hour section is not required please ignore) repeat the same procedure on the right hand side for the latest date. E.G. 14/6/12 then 10/9/12 this will give you 88 days!

4. Basic information tab. Install your latest meter readings at the top cells from latest bill. Next cell below the oldest  meter readings. If you only have one utility leave the other one set at zero, it’ll work perfectly well and give you information you need. NOTE.  Gas metre is in units.  Which need to be converted to KWH.  Don’t worry this been taken care of.

5 NOTE: for gas uses .The grey box is calorific value.  Which is set at 39.3, this may alter from time to time, as you are charged on how well gas burns.  This can be altered as required.

6 NOTE: the basic information is now been installed.  You will not need to this again in session.*1 *2

 Note      1 All  your information to be installed in the yellow boxes*

                  .2.Look for you meter(s) standard or economy 7.( I showing economy 7 as an example  standard is the same, just night column  is missing.)

7. Click on the tab which is  your kind of  metre and how you are charged, standard  or high & low.(Higher and lower is referring to so many Kilowatts Per Hour you are charged at a higher price for that  year before your charged at a lower price rest of the year.)

8. The top row of yellow boxes is for unit at the higher price KWH per year or daily charge, (depending on which tab you are on.)  The sum has been calculated for both KWH Year and daily charge. Down to a daily use

9. Next row of yellow boxes, below are for price per kilowatt gas and electricity (without VAT recommended) how many cells  in row varies E.g.  Economy 7 its five cells. On standard with its two cells.

10. That’s it

The next step is how do you want to use it?  Have a go with headings as ideas or Look for the heading you require With instructions

 . If you find a new way can you let me know. Thank you.



*1 working out dates. If you are working  a period of time & you find to hard use basic info dates. REMEMBER TO SET IT BACK

COMPARE & WHAT IF tab test ( I showing test 3 & 4 as example)

COMPARE & WHAT IF. Tab  what if (showing what if dairy charge as example. )

Check your bill Quick check or analysis.

What am I spent since may last bill?  

There has been increasing price/cut how is it going to affect me?

I’m thinking of changing my supplier?

All have What if Section.

*2  unless you are only using. what am I spent since may last bill

Lots of electrical products have energy ratings.  Those with annual ratings I can give you a rough estimates how much it costs for the year.  Items like fridges and freezers which on one continuously.  Other items like some washing machines quote a year’s usage then it depends what time do you use it?  This can be catered for as well.(Not shown in this example)

Year daily comes to









Price per KWH (price in pence)

Price per KWH (price in pence)

Daily charge

KWH charge at a higher price per year

1 year


1 year





Energy compliance/ energy rating



High          low       night

256          389         270



£26.50    £38.90      £27.00





                    Price per KWH (price in pence)

                  Price per KWH (price in pence)

                Price per KWH (price in pence)

                Price per KWH (price of pence)

He’s one suggestion recording information using spreadsheets.  As there is so many these information, it pick and choose which information you require’

.  A another suggestion is to do a screen shot.  (Prtsc sysrq.) Of information from the gives you.  Into word, then crop keeping the information you require.  Then save as utility bills.  And then the next time repeat the same method, remembering to get the cursor underneath, the last recorded information.

If you want to keep a record what you have spent the last bill are two ways of doing it.

Energy compatible

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